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That generally our customers or online users ask.

  • help_outlineWhat is Encore?

    We are a business intelligence company with headquarters in Valencia-Venezuela, Miami-Florida-USA and Mississauga-Ontario-Canada that is dedicated to provide tech solutions to our customers, according to their requirements or opportunities we seize in a given market.

  • help_outlineAre Layer Avenue and Codex MD different companies?

    No, they are trademarks of our Encore Group (Encore Venezuela, S.A. and Encore Universal LLC). Each brand addresses a different market, and offer specific products and services to the industry for which they were created.

  • help_outlineWhich are Encore office hours?

    We work 365 days a year. 366 days in leap years. Everyday we are open for our customers from 8AM to 8PM. In some special cases (customers from other time zones or troubleshooting), we will attend the customer outside those hours.

  • help_outlineWhat is your response time?

    We are always working to reduce our response times. Currently we ensure that any contact by email or phone will have an answer in less than eight (8) hours. In the case of solving problems and developing solutions, we do our best to deliver it quickly, however, this is subject to previous projects we are handling and the difficulty of each one. From October 14, 2016, requested proposals have a maximum response period of three (3) days.

  • help_outlineDo you partner with other businesses or professionals?

    Yes, for new business opportunities (products and/or services) or to provide mutually complementary products/services. We never make exclusive partnerships for a specific market, product and/or service.