Layer Avenue

We build your website


Layer Avenue is a brand of our company that - formed by a team of designers, programmers and marketing strategists - design, develop, maintain, evaluate and improve your website according to your requirements and goals, as well as support you to measure results from the application of offline and online marketing strategies.

We offer two (2) types of services to our customers:

1. Canvas Layer: Low cost service that offers website templates which we adapt to your corporate image and requirements.
Starting at $49.99 per year.

When to use Canvas Layer?

For customers who do not offer a real differentiator in functionality or service to its online users. An easier way to understand it is:

If your company sales crayons, the online selling-buying user experience will not have an element that make your company or product unique in relation to your competition, nor will be an important factor in the purchase decision of customers. Because of this, it is not necessary to build a custom website or functionalities.

2. Pixel Layer: Design and programming of fully customized websites. This service has two (2) divisions:
2.1. Design and development of your website from scratch.
2.2. Design and development of specific features to an existing website, or a website offered by us through the Canvas Layer service.
The price varies by project and requirements. The initial price of this type of website corresponds only to design and development activities. Maintenance, SEO, web measurements and other frequent activities have separate fees.

When to use Pixel Layer?

For those customers that offer a truly differentiating feature or service to its online users. An easier way to understand it is:

Say your company sells cars, it is possible that the sale-purchase process, as well as the vehicle monitoring and maintenance, and the online experience you offer to online customers is radically different from your competition, or has an element that makes your company unique in comparison to the competition (product-service, customer service, valuable information, among others). In such cases, it is worth making an investment in a custom website that fits and fully integrate the way your business works in the offline world.